James Robert

Born and raised in northern Vermont, moved to Virginia in 1999 where I live now. I’m a biker at heart and love riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle, it’s usually my primary choice of transportation to and from work. I’ve traveled around the world, mainly to third world countries, fought in a war with the U.S. Army and helped build an eye clinic in Haiti. I live for God and family and I give respect where respect is given. Currently I am into running and strength training and I love hanging out with my 3 year old daughter.

Currently, I’m the lead software engineer at Daikin Applied Americas (world leading HVAC company) for the WME chiller product line. For the last two decades I have developed software for Linux in some form or fashion. I’ve worked in many different industries including real estate, telecommunications, security and industrial HVAC. Developing software for Linux is my specialty when I’m on the clock.


E: james@jamesrobert.org

P: 540-466-4116

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